Labor of Love and Barter Babes – Holiday Party

Thanks for checking our blog! You might have received an invitation to our Holiday Party and here is a little more info to help you out!

The party may seem a little complicated but once you attend, you will get it for the next time (yes, we assume you will want to come to another)!  Here are a few ways you can help us keep our sanity, have more fun and raise as much money as possible for the WTLC!

  • Bring Your Clothes Early – You can bring them by Cristal’s as early as Friday, Nov. 26th. Just leave them on the bench.
  • Bring Your Items on Hangers
  • Bring Extra Hangers
  • Racks and Tables – Have a clothing rack or banquet table we can borrow?
  • Volunteer – Ask us how else you can help out with this fun and worthwhile cause!  We could use your talent!

Check back here often because we will be updating this to try to keep things as smooth as possible.

Cristal and Kelli

2 Responses to “Labor of Love and Barter Babes – Holiday Party”
  1. kelli domery guecia says:

    The concept of Bartering is wonderful in so many ways…Our holiday party will help support, feed and house the Women and Families that currently reside in one of our local save shelters the WTLC…it’s also a very GREEN approach to shopping, as we are all recycling our second hand garments…And lastly its our community coming together to share in cheer, friendship and love! Thanks Ladies!!!! peace ~ kel

  2. Irma says:

    Cristal, I am yours all day. I set the say aside to help you.

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