Barter Babes raise $2,003 for WTLC at a Holiday Clothing Exchange

Drum Roll Please….

After about a week of packing clothes, moving furniture back in and returning racks…and of course counting the money that was still trickling in, we are pleased to announce that we raised $2,003 for the WTLC at our little party!  We also have what we are estimating to be about a half ton of nice ladies clothing to donate too!

Thank you again to all that came early to set up, came back to help clean up, dropped off  tables, racks, hangers, brought clothes early, sent donations of money or products to raffle and everyone that attended and supported this great cause!

This party just keeps getting bigger and is something that you have to experience to really get.  It’s almost impossible to explain but we would love to hear you try. Earlier I heard it compared to “a thrift store in heaven”. So please share your experience and thoughts with us! You can do so in an email or comment here on our blog.

There is also talk of an early summer/late spring fling! We are thinking of a poolside Brunch and Barter Bazaar!  We are forming a little committee and if you would like to work with Kelli and I, would really appreciate it and have lots of ways to help!

Pictures – if you took any, we would love it if you would share them with us!

Thank you again; we are humbled by your generosity and support.

Peace, Love and Clothing for all!

Cristal and Kelli

PS – Follow us on Twitter: @barterbabes


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