Barter Babes Boutique and Brunch – You have Questions & Hopefully We Have Answers!

Chances are you are visiting this page because you received an invite to our upcoming valentine’s Day Brunch! If you have never been to one of our events, we have no doubt that you have questions! The first time is always a learning experience. Here are some most common questions.

Q: Is it a barter like “trading one for one”?
A:  Not really.  You will actually “donate” your clothing to the boutique and it is more a free-for-all than a trade.

Q: What can I bring?
A: Gently worn or new stylish clothes. You know the ones you thought you would wear and never did but you don’t want to just give them to the thrift store.

Q: How many things should I bring?
A: One item or a hundred! Please bring your clothing clean, organized and on hangers, that would really help.

Q: Where is the donation at the door going?
A: To the WTLC – a local women’s shelter. They get any remaining clothes too!

Q: What if I don’t have any clothes to donate?
A: Come anyway! If you would like to give a little extra donation for the WTLC, we’ll let ya.

Q:  Do I have to spend a bunch of money at this party?
A: Only if you want to! We will have fabulous raffles and other items for purchase. We hope you will want to partake but you don’t have to. We wanted to make sure that everyone could attend and not have to worry about the cost  The boutique is FREE.

Q: What else do you need?
A: Volunteers (we have lots of ways to get involved), clothing racks and lots of other things to make things run smoothly. If you have a talent, we might be able to use it!

What Barter Babes like:

  • Designer jeans
  • Accessories – hats, scarves, jewelry, handbags
  • High end vintage
  • Shoes

Please do not bring children, men or their clothing. If you do have additional items that you would like to donate, you can take them to the Fullerton Assistance League Thrift store and we can get you that information.

We are really excited and thankful to our many donors and sponsors that are helping us make this event possible. Stay tuned for more information on that and as always. You an contact us for any qestions!

Peace, Love and Clothing for All!
Cristal and Kelli

2 Responses to “Barter Babes Boutique and Brunch – You have Questions & Hopefully We Have Answers!”
  1. Jo says:

    This is so incredible. I knew you did this but did not know you were blogging and having more events and so many are involved now!!!!!
    Hope when I come out to visit there will be a party I can go to check it out!!!
    Love you Kel… so proud of you !
    Go Barter Babes!!!!!!

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