Barter Babes – A Fabulously Fun Shopping Free-For-All in Downtown Fullerton to Support the WTLC!

Whew! We finally came up for air!  Thanks for your patience, we are so pleased to hear all the wonderful feedback and about all your wonderful finds at our party.  We are so happy to announce that we were able to donate just a little over $2,300 ($2,316.50 to be exact) To the WTLC. In addition to that, we donated 20 hug bags of beautiful clothing that the ladies at the shelter were absolutely thrilled to receive!

We are completely blown away with the excitement, generosity and wonderful words we have heard and we certainly could not have done it so much HELP!

To the businesses that so graciously sponsored and donated items our Soiree’ – we appreciate how much more exciting you made our event. Babes, not only are these businesses generous but they are also amazing business that we like to frequent so PLEASE be sure to pay them a visit!

Bourbon Street –

The Brownstone –

Café Hidalgo –

Design By 2 Interiors –

Laura Mussche, Salon Technique – Fullerton

Lolo a Boutique –

Mary Kay (Michelle Silvestri) –

NOCO Studio –

The Matador Cantina –

Patty’s Cakes –

Sort This Out Cellars –

Sprouts Photography –

Staci Clayton – Fidelity Home Warranty –

Tracy Ansell, Salon 860 West –

To the volunteers – YOU GIRLS ARE SIMPLY AMAZING!  Wow, there is no way we could even begin to think about doing this without ALL your help. Special Thanks to:

Dena David, Judi Perez, Debbie Ficociello, Irma DeSantiago, Kelly Kreutzen, Martha Aguilar, Teresa Ghassemi, Susan Luce, Leah Song, Marcia Mardis, Robin Reece,Victoria Berliner and anyone who dropped off a rack, brought food, said a supportive word or something else we might have forgotten to mention! Oh and of course our loving and patient husbands, Claude and David (oh, and Josh) for dealing with the insanity of it all!

To the attendees who brought their generosity, positive energy, wonderful clothing and of course money – Thank you for doing so!  You made the boutique what it was and it took everyone to make it what it was. The smiles, laughter and sharing still make our hearts so happy.

We could go on and on but for now, please like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter…we might have some more surprises in store and we would like to hear from you so keep the comments coming!

Love and Hugs ~


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  • Barter Babes Bonanza @ Cafe HidalgoFebruary 10th, 2013
    The big shopping day is here!
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