Barter Babes Teams Up with Working Wardrobes

Wow!  We had the opportunity to take a tour of The Working Wardrobes facility today and, boy, I have to tell you how surprised I was to see all that they do!  Sure, I figured they helped outfit folks to make a great impression when looking for a job but they are so much more than that.

working wardrobes photoWorking Wardrobes offers numerous courses, help with job searches, resume and job training. They also have an entire division dedicated to helping our veterans. Did you know that Southern CA has the largest population of veterans? Even though Orange County is down to just a bit over 5% unemployment, veterans under the age of 25 have a 30% unemployment rate. Crazy.

It’s such a well organized, lovely and POSITIVE facility. I have never been around so many people that truly love their job and genuinely love giving back.  Get to know more about Working Wardrobes, we are glad we did!


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