Who/What’s a Barter Babe?

We’re so glad you asked!

Our Mission:

To trade fabulous duds, get amazing new ones and have fun at no or little cost all while supporting a local charity!

Who is a Barter Babe?

A Barter Babe is one who, attends, hosts, donates to or helps out with a Barter Babes Bash!

Why would you want to be a Barter Babe?

Could it be?
• To get great stuff?
• To recycle the duds you no longer wear?
• To make a difference?
• Meet new people?
• To keep your dough in your pocket?
• Have Fun?

What is a Barter Babes Bash?

A Barter Babes Bash (BBB) is a party that is thrown pretty much any place you choose!

What happens exactly is one of these parties?

It’s a party to bring together women of great style to donate, recycle or barter their fabulous items that no longer fit or are wanted. Oh, and of course, there is wine and a little food. It wouldn’t be a party without that now would it?

What sort of duds are we talking about exactly?

We like the good stuff! Think of items that you would really like to receive. Maybe you are holding onto that fabulous pair of jeans that you no longer wear since you lost weight (we are half full here at Barter Babes). Or maybe it could be that fabulous party dress that you wore once and hold onto just incase you will wear it again (but really, you know you won’t because you don’t want to be seen in it twice).

Here is what Barter Babes LOVE:
• Designer jeans
• Cocktail/Party Dresses
• Accessories – Belts, purses, jewelry, shoes
• Handmade and Imported Items
• Excellent and Stylish Vintage
• All should be near new or new

So what happens with all the stuff we’re collecting?

It’s all donated to the BBB so don’t expect to see it again…except of course on one of your friends that will now love it. It will all be merchandised in our Boutique by some other rightchous babes in our “boutique”. Then the fun really begins… A semi-phsychotic free-for-all for the best stuff. You just have to wait and see.

Why are we asking for a donation at the door?

This is where it gets even better! Barter Babes is a fundraising vehicle! All monies collected will be donated to the charity of the hostess’s choice! In this case, the WTLC!

Barter Babes – Good for you, your pocket book, your spirit, your community…..and just an all around darn good time! Who says it has to cost a lot of dough to look good and have a good time? Not us!

2 Responses to “Who/What’s a Barter Babe?”
  1. Cindy Moran says:

    Ok….so I’ve been talking to several of my friends here in Georgia and we are pumped up to continue “Barter Babes” here on the East Coast!!!! Cristal, I will be contacting you to get more specifics on how to organize, what to expect, etc…… I wish I would have jumped on this sooner so that we can have a gathering before the holidays, but Spring sounds good too!!! LOVE THE IDEA LADIES.

    Cindy Moran
    Acworth, GA

  2. barterbabes says:

    Cindy Lou! I am so sorry, I had this project on the back burner for a bit but am now catching up and updating everything. I should video the next one to send it to you. I am getting organized and energized, you would love it!

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