Barter Babes Teams Up with Working Wardrobes

Wow!  We had the opportunity to take a tour of The Working Wardrobes facility today and, boy, I have to tell you how surprised I was to see all that they do!  Sure, I figured they helped outfit folks to make a great impression when looking for a job but they are so much more … Continue reading

Thank You Notes

Hello Barter Babes! Like Jimmy Fallon, we’re kind of running behind with our thank you notes, so please bear with us. To all the businesses and individuals that generously sponsored and donated items, we can’t thank you enough for making our event even more special. The gift baskets brimmed with so many great items and … Continue reading

Save the Date! Barter Babes is back at Cafe Hidalgo 2.10.13

SAVE THE DATE – Next Barter Babes Bonanza date and location has been set! Sunday February 10, 2013 and the wonderful CAFE HIDALGO has agreed to have us back!!!!!

  • Barter Babes Bonanza @ Cafe HidalgoFebruary 10th, 2013
    The big shopping day is here!